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What is the proper way to write essay for your blogs: expert’s suggestion

Be sure to follow the style of one of the three types of essay throughout the work. Specificity is important in an essay but one should not make it too short. Most often, an essay consists of 180-320 words, depending on the purpose of writing. Don’t forget about linking words. They show the literacy of the author. And use the quotes that confirm this or that opinion.

Requirements for the essay

  • The essay should be perceived as a whole, the idea should be clear and understandable
  • The essay should not contain too much, should include only the information that is necessary for the disclosure of positions, ideas
  • The essay should be logical, clear in structure
  • The essay should contain a convincing argument on the stated problem, position

Structure of the essay

  • Start, actualization of the stated essay topic – 20%
  • Thesis, three reasoned evidence of the thesis, expressing a personal opinion and based on a scientific approach. Thesis reformulation – 60%
  • Conclusion containing the final judgment (inference) – 20%


  • Thesis – a proposition that must be proved
  • The conclusion is an opinion based on the analysis of facts
  • Value judgments are opinions based on beliefs, beliefs and attitudes

When writing an essay for a site, are you thinking about a potential reader of this text? Are you thinking about what makes him click? Many copywriters treat readers of their articles as people who love to read. It does not take into account that the text on the screen is significantly different from its printed copy. The text on the screen is viewed. But usually not read in its entirety.

Show your most important information first

Do not write old-fashioned essays, talk primarily about the most important thing. Writing text for a site is very different from the technique of writing an essay or report. In the essay, you first explain the topic you are going to discuss, then the topic is revealed and at the end you draw conclusions. It turns out that the most important points you describe in the middle and the end. If you need more stronger and concrete essay for your website and blogs then you can use professional help of Essay writing service.

Conclusion: how it works?

What you do may well be the most important information for visitors to your site. After they understand what you are doing, they may want to know some important details. Journalists call this method of writing texts the method of an inverted pyramid. In newspaper articlesand essays information that deserves the most media coverage is presented in the first place, before describing details and reference information.

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