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Few Facts about CBD Oil Nutrition That You Need to Know

Nowadays, CBD is considered to be the hottest dietary supplement and many people are using it almost every day for supporting a healthy lifestyle. As CBD is a dietary supplement, therefore, it is very easy to assume that it will also be good for you. However, this may or may not always be true. What are the real CBD effects on your body?

CBD does not usually impact your body like any other nutritional product available in the market that you may consume. Of course, this may also change based on any individual product. Any edibles, tinctures and vapes, etc. all will affect you quite differently.

As an example any edible gummies may obviously have much higher sugar content as compared to any straight CBD tincture.

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CBD oil

CBD oil obtained from every different company may offer something different feature but if you buy CBD oil tincture then most of them may have similar ingredients. It is necessary to evaluate the product by reading about the product description and third party lab reports.

CBD extracts

Usually, the  main ingredient of any CBD tincture will be CBD, which is mostly obtained from the hemp plant. Raw hemp is taken and manufacturers extract cannabinoids that includes CBD, by using certain extraction method like CO2 extraction.

Based on your brand, it may either be full-spectrum, isolate or broad spectrum. For isolate, it will only contain CBD. In full-spectrum oil, it will include all cannabinoids obtained from the plant that also includes THC.

THC should however be less than 0.3% to follow the legal requirements. Some brands also specify their products as broad-spectrum if THC has already been removed, but all other cannabinoids will remain.


Full-spectrum tinctures may also contain terpenes. They are aromatic compounds obtained from cannabis plant. Actually they are found in many plant species, but certain terpenes can always be more common in the hemp.

Terpenes present in CBD oil will be responsible for few effects that you may experience. As such, terpenes are very essential part of the overall experience.


Most of the CBD oil available in the market usually is unflavored. CBD oil has very bitter taste for many users however for few it is manageable though not the best-tasting, but for others, it will be impossible to taste CBD.

Therefore, nowadays, a number of brands have started adding flavorings in their CBD oils so that it can taste better. Usually flavored oils will be very popular, and many different variety of flavors now available for sale. Every company uses different ingredients, which can also affect the nutritional value of the product.

As an example, by using cane sugar for sweetening the oil will naturally change the sugar content of the product. A number of brands now have started using stevia as a healthier and natural sweetener instead of processed varieties.

Paying more attention to various ingredients is necessary if you like to know how healthy your product is.

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