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NEET 2019: Useful insights and advice from past achievers

As 13 lakh MBBS and BDS aspirants appeared for the NEET 2018 last year, this year the numbers are expected to be higher for the NEET 2019. Competing for 2 lakh seats across the country, the NEET will be able to admit only 0.15% of these medical and dental sciences aspirants. With such fierce competition, NEET aspirants have to be at the top of their game if they wish to succeed in the examination. The NEET is one of the toughest examinations that all medical and dental sciences aspirants write as they wish to recruit the sharpest and the brightest minds in the country. Previous year NEET toppers and achievers have shared one common success mantra:  ‘Undeterred focus with complete determination for two years’.

Himanshu Sharma (AIR #3 in NEET 2018) from Rohtak, Haryana always believed that medicine is a noble profession and he always dreamed of becoming a doctor since he can remember. Himanshu calls himself a planner and had clearly chalked out a schedule to study for the NEET. He divided his time for different chapters ranging from one to two hours per chapter. Since his focus for the NEET for the NCERT books, he studied for the Boards and the NEET simultaneously, so that he wasn’t hassled or stressed closer to the exam. His advice to the NEET 2019 aspirants is that proper planning, unceasing dedication and strong motivation is the key to succeeding in the exam. Harsha Vardhan Reddy (AIR #14 in NEET 2018) from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh knew that he had to give up all extracurricular activities and play time for th

e two years when he entered Class XI. Harsha was over the moon when he found out about his rank as he could now pursue his dream of becoming the first doctor in his family. As a son of a farmer, he and his family looked up to doctors as saviours and since there was nobody in his family nor in his extended circle of friends and family who was a doctor, he thought he had the determination to pursue this career path. Harsha attributes his success at the NEET 2018 to his coaching classes and the 12-13 hours of self-study that he did every day. He would make it a point to devote a few hours of the day to the topics that he felt he has a weaker grip on. This coupled with practising a lot of MCQs is the reason he got a 675 out of 720 in the NEET. He says NEET 2019 aspirants must first focus on making their basic concepts extremely strong and then attempt the MCQs. He believes that students must raise a flag when they have a doubt because without proper guidance from teachers cracking NEET could be difficult.

Kalpana Kumari (AIR #1 in NEET 2018) from Sitamarhi, Bihar comes from a family of achievers, with her brother studying in IIT Guwahati, her sister from NIT, now serving in the defence forces and both her parents being academicians. With giving at least 12-13 hours a day for the medical competitive examinations like NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER, she knew she had to keep going to succeed. She thoroughly studied the course material and reached out to her teachers for help from time to time.

Menda Jaideep (AIR #16 in NEET 2018) from Andhra Pradesh approached the NEET 2018 as a two-year plan which he had to devise for himself very carefully. He said he had to set up timely goals and deadlines to track and review his progress. Before he made this two-year plan, he assessed his strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. He broke down his study plan into month-wise goals, which were further broken down into weekly deadlines, which required him to study 9 hours every day, giving 3 hours to each of the three subjects. The last two months leading up to the exam, he reduced his study hours to 6 hours a day, because he had completed revising his course twice by then. He used this time to focus on previous year papers and focusing on topics that needed more attention.

The NEET 2019, like all the previous year exams, will demand utmost focus and dedication out of a student in order to be successful. It could be overwhelming for students to read the success stories of previous year achievers, but everyone’s capabilities are different. What may work for one, may not work for the other. By now, NEET 2019 aspirants, must have a better understanding of their preparation and where they think they stand amongst their peers. This is important to know since this is a competitive exam, but must not demotivate them or deter them from achieving their goal. To follow a more detailed plan for your preparation of NEET, you can always refer to online NEET preparations by NeoStencil and get a better understanding and perspective for the exam.

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