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Arnon Dror – Execute Your Business Expansion Projects with A Suitable Asset-based Lending Scheme

Arnon Dror is a very successful businessman and name to reckon with in the Finance industry. He holds a master degree in business administration from Hebrew University. He has been able to offer his services in the role of Vice-President in many companies. These organizations include US Channel Group,Creo Inc., Scitex, Kodak Creo Americas and Presstek He has over 20 years of valuable experience under his belt. Very few professionals can match this track-record in the area of corporate reconstruction. Apart from this, he also specializes in other diverse fields. These include cash flow management, ERP integration, internal controls, international taxation, business negotiations, and mergers.

Arnon Dror – Why should entrepreneurs even consider opting for asset-based lending schemes?

This financial expert explains entrepreneurs need to borrow money from external sources for obvious reasons. Without such funds, they generally have a very tough time operating their businesses. They won’t be in a position to conduct their market activities or tide over a temporary cash crunch. Fortunately, these businessmen have a number of options to choose from. They need to select the right one. He further says they should seriously consider whether asset-based lending suits their needs. In this mode of finance, service providers have only one concern. These lenders just want to determine the total value of their clients’ current assets. These are normally in the form of inventory and account receivable. Only then do the financiers provide these owners with the money they need.

He clarifies asset-based lending is suitable for entrepreneurs for a reason. In this mode of finance, they don’t have to prove their creditworthiness to their lenders. They also don’t have to show they operate profitable concerns. These businessmen just need adequate current assets at their disposal. They should have no difficulty in offering them as collateral. Only then can these proprietors get the money they need. He points out the following two important advantages of this scheme:

  1. The comparatively low rate of interest

The interest rate in the case of asset-based lending is comparatively lower than other loan schemes. Service providers offering this mode of finance only provide money to their clients against collateral. This gives them the peace of mind that the amount they provide is secure. The financiers can simply repossess such assets if the entrepreneurs fail to repay their dues.


  1. Easily available

The eligibility requirements in the case of asset-based lending aren’t very stringent. This is a far cry from other financial schemes. This is a boon for many small entrepreneurs. These businessmen can get the funds they require to expand their market operations. Moreover, the lenders provide this sum of money without asking too many questions.

Arnon Dror says asset-based lending is a convenient way for entrepreneurs to get the money they need. Such funds can help them carry out their expansion programs. In some cases, they can use the cash to overcome a temporary working capital crisis. For this, they don’t have to prove their creditworthiness or profitability of their concerns. The above two important advantages prove this fact without any reasonable doubt. They’ll soon realize it is the right decision to make.














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