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Types of Scholarship Programs in United Kingdom for Pakistani Students


You are a Pakistani student and longing for UK scholarship program than you have a good fate. UK offers wide range scholarship programs to the Pakistani students. Every year thousands of students get entertained with scholarship programs based from UK and Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students 2019 are also ready to deliver. These scholarship programs UK offers are of different types including country specific, course specific and fund specific etc. Just see the below mentioned list and choose your best one.

Following are the types we find for scholarship and grant system in UK

  1. Anne Marie Schimel Scholarships

This scholarship program allows the Pakistani women to get enrollment in any subject for master degree in the UK. A commitment does take between candidates and program’s management that they must make a great contribution, in their chosen field, for the better progress of Pakistan.

  1. Brunel University London Scholarship Program

This is a country specific scholarship program that like every international students allows the Pakistani students too to get enrollment at all study level in the Brunel University London, UK.

  1. CELFS Academic Achievement Scholarship at the University of Bristol

Pakistani students who are studying at the International Foundation Program from the Centre of English Languages and Foundation Studies (CELFS) and are willing to pursue an undergraduate degree from The University of Bristol entertain with this scholarship program.

  1. Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship

This is a charity based scholarship program offers to the Pakistani doctoral students, graduate researchers and visit fellows who deserve this.

  1. Scotland Saltire Scholarship

It is an international scholarship program for Pakistani students that allows the Pakistani students to get enrollment in various universities and in any study area in the UK. Following are the prioritized subjects that target first in offering scholarships:

  • Creative Industries
  • Life Sciences
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Renewable and Clean Energy
  1. The Best way Foundation Scholarship at The University of Kent

This is a subject base international scholarship program that entertains the Pakistani students too who are going to pursue postgraduate program in science, math, engineering and technology as full time study program. Applicants with their admission criteria select and separate application for the scholarship is not allowed to submit.

  1. Coventry University Pakistan High Achievers Scholarship

All those Pakistani students go for the full time undergraduate degree program to the Coventry University are considered for this scholarship program. Separate applications are not allowed to submit by the applicants.

  1. University of Sheffield Scholarship Program

A scholarship program is offered by the University of Sheffield for the international students who go for undergraduate and graduate degree program to the University of Sheffield. Applications of Pakistani students also considerable by the University.

  1. University of Sussex Pakistan Scholarships

This is one of the Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students 2019. Every year the University of Sussex offers scholarship programs to the international students who go to pursue master degree from the University of Sussex.


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