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Help Your Child Gain More Skills Playing Rubik’s Square-5 Tricks

Toys are critical role in child development. Sadly, most parents acquire the wrong toys, and many end up not helping much. There are good toys out there, though! And the Rubik’s square is favorite among many. It’s not only a play device but can help your child gain valuable skills. Solving the puzzle isn’t easy, though! And the following steps will help your child master the game and gain more skills.

  1. Buy the right cube

There are multiple variations of the Rubik’s cube and not all work for your child. Some are ideal for beginners, while others work best for pro players. If starting out, acquire the 3x3x3 traditional cube; it isn’t very fast and gives your child control when turning the colored pieces. However, you can upgrade to the Rubik’s cube 4×4 or other speedy versions once your child learns how to play faster.

  1. Familiarization is key!

Visit https://mastercubestore.com/ to learn about the different cubes available. Buy the best one for your child, and allow them to familiarize themselves with the pieces. This involves observing how they move and the patterns formed. They shouldn’t rush to solve the puzzle but instead, get used to the moving pieces and working with the different layers.

The more the play sessions, the more your child builds their attention and problem-solving skills.

  1. Learn the strategies

You must follow some techniques to play quickly. These crafts are normally used on logic and help you solve the cube in the shortest time possible. The pathways are referred to as algorithms and are quite complex. Moreover, they are represented by notations, and your child should try to master them for better play.

Here are examples;

  • All faces are named by a letter and accompanied by a number.
  • Single letters mean that you should make a 90-degree clockwise rotation
  • If an apostrophe accompanies a letter, you must make a 90-degrees turn counterclockwise.

Once your child learns the notations, help them create different patterns and test the algorithms using various methods. They can try solving the puzzles and formulate various patterns like crosses, flags, crests.

  1. Join cubing community

There are various cubing groups, and they can benefit your child in various ways. They involve beginner and seasoned players and usually share tips to enlighten each other. By enrolling your child in such groups, he or she will connect and interact with other players and learn more play techniques.

  1. Practice- and more practice!

Learning requires a lot of practice and patience, and Rubik’s cube isn’t an exception. The more you play, the higher your chances of mastering the techniques. Encourage your child to play more; they will learn to solve the puzzle with ease with continued practice.

The bottom line

Rubik’s cube is associated with numerous benefits for kids. To benefit from solving the puzzle, your child should use age-appropriate cubes and keep practicing. To get the most suitable cube, contact renowned dealers near you, and pick what suits your child. This way, you will enjoy improved attention, better problem-solving skills, agility, and more.

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