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What if I fail to clear JEE advanced?

An admission into IIT is not possible without clearing the JEE mains and then JEE advanced. Thus, it makes JEE advanced a very crucial exam. But the ratio of students appearing for JEE advanced and clearing it is 1 in 100. So, not everyone can clear than the exam and get the admission into IITs. JEE advanced results make the students very tensed and nervous while preparing for the exams. But not clearing JEE advanced is not the end of the world. There are many good options to choose from for your career. In this article, we will help you with the question that must be in every student’s mind right now, what if I fail to clear JEE advanced?

Options when you fail JEE advanced

JEE advanced is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. Thus, it is ok to clear it as long as you given your best efforts. There have been instances in the past where famous people have not been from IIT. But they did have a career nevertheless. Every year there are approximately 13 lakh students who give JEE exams to compete for 10 thousand seats. So, it is practically 130 students fighting for 1 seat. Thus, it is not possible for everyone to get their dream college. Now we will analyze what other options do students have if they fail to clear JEE advanced.

Why only IITs?

People prepare for JEE advanced with a specific goal of getting into IITs. They often tend to forget that there are other good colleges except for IITs. In fact, there are some NITs and BITS Pilani which is even better than some of the IITs in India. These colleges are also considered in India that offers quality engineering education to students. A seat in one of these colleges is considered as equivalent to the seat in IIT. These colleges can also be a good career field to choose from. You can find out about some of these colleges online and get to know them better.

Have you considered state universities?

An admission in a state university does not depend on JEE. So, if you do not clear JEE advanced you might be able to get into the state universities. In fact, you will find it easier to get into these colleges than getting into IITs. It is not a challenging task to get into these colleges. Additionally, the fees in these colleges will also be minimal. This will help you save more than the colleges you were going to spend on. Also, the education standard in these colleges is very good. You will find people with like-minded challenging you in the day to day life. There are many state universities that are known for quality engineering education. They can also offer you the right atmosphere to study and excel. Some of the best state known state universities in India are:

Seating out a year

If you think that you only want to get into an IIT then you can apply it again next year. You can work hard again and give you beat shot in the next year. But if you are not sure about clearing the JEE than you should not take a drop. Because next year also you will get the same result.

You have considered that next year also the competition and difficulty of the paper will at least be the same. It might be difficult but it will surely not be easy. Thus, when you don’t clear JEE advanced then you might think that dropping out is the easiest option. But it is not true. You have to think it thoroughly before dropping out. You need to again start your preparation from the scratch and have to go about the exam all over again. There are risks in dropping out and you have to be prepared for it. But it also is a blessing in disguise for you as well. You will have a chance to correct your mistakes again and give your best shot.

Other public and private universities

Engineering is not only about IITs or NITs. There are many other private as well as public colleges that can provide you with the same educational facilities. These colleges in India constitutes for more than 90% of the total engineering seats. So, the students are advised to consider these colleges as an option for not clearing the JEE advanced. Also, you need to be cautious while filling the forms for these colleges. There are several colleges available and thus you do not want to make the wrong choice. There are many deemed universities and private institutions like Amity University and colleges like Jaypee Noida that provides good infrastructure and placements for the students. But due to a large number of options available and a drastic variation in the quality of these colleges you are advised to fill the forms cautiously.

Engineering: Not a dream anymore

There might be some students who are not interested in doing engineering. But due to social pressure or some other reason they prepare for JEE. But now they did not clear the exam they can think of doing another degree. Besides engineering, there endless options for the students after 12th. There are options in B.com, B.so where a student can make their dream career. The opportunities in these fields are endless and you are just required to put your hard work into it to achieve them.  These options also provide you with the same career path that you want in engineering. Besides, it gives you a chance to chase your dreams and fulfill them.

Thus, after failing to clear JEE it is not the end of the world. You just need to sit and think through the options that you have. It is a fact that whatever you choose you to need to 100% sure. You cannot go back once you made the decision. Because now the choice will be yours and no one can force you to choose anything.

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